Mt. Coronet

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Go East to Route 208!

  • You're going to visit Mt. Coronet many times while you travel across Sinnoh. Mt. Coronet is a huge cavern, but this time you can explore a tiny portion of it.
  • Enter Mt. Coronet from Route 207. Go east until you meet Cyrus.
  • Proceed to the east until you find the exit. You can take a shortcut if you use Rock Smash.
  • Get out of Mt. Coronet to appear in Route 208.

Head North to Route 216!

  • After chasing away Team Galactic from Lake Verity, come to Mt. Coronet from Eterna City or Celestic Town. Now you should be able to use HM04 Strength, so that you can move boulders blocking the path to the north.
  • Continue north until you appear in Route 216.

Climb up to Spear Pillar!

  • Enter Mt. Coronet by the entrance that connects to Route 207. Surf across the water on the northern side of the cave to appear in the northeastern corner of the area. Use Rock Climb to climb up the wall, then go into the entrance nearby.
  • Proceed through the cave to find an entrance that seems to be bombed open only recently. Meet Looker near the entrance and receive the Black Flute, an item that has the effect of somewhat repelling wild Pokemon.
  • Keep climbing up the mountain while defeating Galactic Grunts until you reach Spear Pillar.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Abomasnow Walk in tall grass
Bronzong Walk in cave
Bronzor Walk in cave
Chimecho Walk in cave
Chingling Walk in cave
Geodude Walk in cave
Graveler Walk in cave
Machoke Walk in cave
Machop Walk in cave
Meditite Walk in cave
Zubat Walk in cave or use Surf on water

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Galactic Grunt Uses evil-looking Pokemon

[Mt. Coronet / Sinnoh Region]