Eterna City

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Explore Eterna City!

  • When you reach in front of the Galactic Building, Barry comes to see you and takes you to the statue of Eterna's legendary Pokemon.
  • You can purchase herb items like Revival Herbs at the north house. Herb items heal your Pokemon, but lowers their friendship when used because they are so bitter.
  • Return to the entrance to Galactic Building to meet Cynthia. Receive Hidden Machine 01 Cut from Cynthia, though you can't use Cut in the field until you get the Gym Badge at Eterna Gym.
  • There is an old fellow who does name-rating service on the first floor of the condominium that is to the south of the Pokemon Center.
    The old woman living on the second floor of the condominium gives you TM67 Recycle.
  • To the right of Pokemon Center is Underground Man's House. Receive Explorer Kit from Underground Man. You can challenge missions given out by the man.
  • You meet Professor Rowan's apprentice in the southern gate. You receive Exp. Share if you've seen many Pokemon.

Go to Eterna Gym and Galactic Building!

  • Go to Eterna Gym, which is at the southern end of the town. Obtain the Forest Badge and TM Magical Leaf.
  • Now that you've got the Forest Badge, you can use Cut outside battle. Cut the thin tree in front of the northwest building and enter the building. This is Team Galactic Eterna Building, one of Team Galactic's headquarters.

Get Bicycle!

  • After you defeat Jupiter at T.G. Eterna Bldg, visit Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop. Rad Rickshaw is back, so have a word with him to receive the Bicycle.
  • While riding on the Bicycle, you can pass the southern gate to appear in Route 206.

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