Eterna Gym

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Battle with Gardenia!

  • You must defeat all the trainers before reaching the Gym Leader. The hands of the huge flower clock at the center of the room rotate when you beat a trainer, so that you can go to the next trainer walking on the hands. After defeating a trainer, you can go back to the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon because the water level of the nearby fountain drops.
  • Defeat Gym Leader Gardenia. Gardenia uses a Turtwig, a Roserade, and a Cherrim. Receive the Forest Badge and TM86 Magical Leaf from Gardenia.

Used Pokemon List

Pokemon Note
Budew Lass, Aroma Lady
Cherubi Lass
Cherrim Gardenia
Roselia Aroma Lady
Roserade Gardenia
Turtwig Gardenia

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Aroma Lady Uses Grass-type Pokemon
Lass Uses relatively weak Pokemon. Female counterpart of Youngster

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