Route 206

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Go to Wayward Cave!

  • You start from the north end of the cycling road. Travel south by bicycle.
  • Go through the southern gate at the end of the cycling road, then go northeast a bit to find thin trees. Use Cut to the trees to clear the path. Head north to explore the underpass.
  • You can enter Wayward Cave by the entrances near the north end of the underpass. Wayward Cave has two entrances, one of which is invisible being covered by the upper cycling road.
    To explore the eastern section of Wayward Cave, simply use the visible entrance. However, you must find the hidden entrance to enter the western part of the cave. The hidden opening is near the north end of the path. It's right under the cycling road, so try hitting the wall that supports the cycling road several times to find the entrance.

Head to Route 207!

  • Go south from the exit of the cycling road to appear in northern section of Route 207.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Geodude Walk in tall grass
Gligar Walk in tall grass
Kricketune Walk in tall grass
Machop Walk in tall grass
Ponyta Walk in tall grass
Zubat Walk in tall grass

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Cyclist Uses relatively small and fast Pokemon

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