Wayward Cave

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Explore Eastern Wayward Cave!

  • In Wayward Cave, it's easy to get lost. The dungeon has many intersections all of which look the same. You may experience this odd sensation you might be walking the same path over and over.
  • However, this cave doesn't last forever. Just keep going north and you'll find the northern side of the cave. Then go east a bit and head south until you hit the southern end again. Go east a little, then again head north to find a chamber. Mira, a Pokemon trainer lost in Wayward Cave, asks you to take her outside. While you and Mira are together, every battle becomes Tag Battle, in which Mira uses a Lv26 Kadabra. Mira heals your Pokemon after every battle.
  • Bring Mira to the exit of the cave. Mira leaves Wayward Cave.

Explore Western Wayward Cave!

  • Come to the western section of Wayward Cave via the hidden opening. This entrance is near the north end of Route 206, but you can't see the entrance because the upper cycling road cover it.
  • In the western part of the cave, you can catch Gible.
  • Use small ramps on the floor to jump over obstacles. Mount your Bicycle, change into the fourth gear, then gather enough speed and run over the slope to jump and get over the rocks that block the way.
  • You find TM26 Earthquake in the deepest chamber.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Bronzor Walk in cave
Geodude Walk in cave
Gible Walk in cave (Found only in western section)
Onix Walk in cave
Zubat Walk in cave

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Camper Appears in the wilderness. Male counterpart of Picnicker
Collector Uses rare Pokemon
Hiker Appears in the wilderness. Tends to use Rock, Ground, or Steel-type Pokemon
Picnicker Appears in the wilderness. Female counterpart of Camper
Ruin Maniac Appears in the wilderness

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