Route 207

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You Can't Go North Yet!

  • You can come to Route 207 by the northeast exit to Oreburgh City. But you can't go any further this time, because you need the Bicycle to proceed to the north. Return when you get one.

Go to Mt. Coronet!

  • When you come into possession of the Bicycle, you can visit the northern part of Route 207. Head east until you find the entrance to Mt. Coronet at the east end of the path.
  • You meet Lucas/Dawn in front of Mt. Coronet. Receive Dowsing Machine app for Poketch and Vs. Seeker from Lucas/Dawn.
  • Go into Mt. Coronet.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Geodude Walk in the grass
Machop Walk in the grass

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Camper Appears in the wilderness. Male counterpart of Picnicker
Hiker Appears in the wilderness. Tends to use Rock-type, Ground-type, or Steel-type Pokemon
Picnicker Appears in the wilderness. Female counterpart of Camper

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