Oreburgh City

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Go to Oreburgh Mine to Meet Roark!

  • As soon as you enter the city, a worker takes you to Oreburgh Gym. You meet Barry there, who blocks the entrance to the Gym until you find the Gym Leader, Roark. You must look for Roark.
  • Visit the condominium at the northwest end, then talk to a girl who lives there to receive a Dusk Ball.
  • On the second floor of the northwest condominium, which is second from the left, lives a guy who wants to see a Geodude. Catch a Geodude at Oreburgh Mine and show it to him to receive a Heal Ball.
  • The lady living in the east condominium gives away a Great Ball.
  • You can revive Pokemon fossils at Oreburgh Mining Museum to have them as living Pokemon. Oreburgh Mining Museum is the large building in the northeast corner. When you come across some fossils, be sure to bring them to the Museum to get new Pokemon.
  • The southeastern section of Oreburgh City is a part of the mine. There Oreburgh town is connected to Oreburgh Mine. In the top-left corner of the mining section, there is a slag heap which produces invisible items like Heart Scales and Pearls. Examine the slag heap to pick up some hidden items.
  • Leave Oreburgh City by the southeast exit to appear in Oreburgh Mine.

Get Coal Badge from Roark!

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