Jubilife City

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Meet Barry at Trainers' School!

  • You meet Lucas/Dawn at the entrance of Jubilife City. Meet Looker, an International Police officer. Receive the Vs. Recorder from Looker.
  • Visit Trainers' School to meet Barry. Barry is in front of the blackboard. Talk to Barry to hand him the Parcel you got entrusted with by Barry's mom. Barry gives you one of the two Town Maps and leaves for the next town.
  • At Trainers' School, you can read about Status Problems by examining the blackboard.
    In the top-right corner of the classroom, you find a Lass and a Youngster who study at the school. Defeat both and talk to the one you fought first to receive a Potion.

Get Poketch!

  • Visit Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon.
  • Go north from the Pokemon Center to meet the president of the Poketch Company. The Poketch Company currently runs a campaign to distribute Poketches to prominent trainers for free.
    Three clowns appear here and there in Jubilant City, each of them holding a Coupon. Find all the three Clown and answer their questions correctly to earn Coupons. Collect all three Coupons to be rewarded with Poketch by the president.
    The three Clowns are waiting at such places as below:
    1 just north of Pokemon Center.
    2 in the northwest corner of Jubilife City. The question is whether Pokemon moves have types or not. You can receive Coupon2 from this Clown.
    3 in front of the entrance to Jubilife TV HQ. The question is about Pokemon getting stronger by accumulating EXP points.
  • When you collect all the three Coupons, talk to the Poketch Company president standing near the center of Jubilife City. You obtain the Poketch.
  • You can get the Quick Claw at Jubilife Condominium, a building at the northeast of Jubilife City. Speak to the lady who lives on the first floor to receive it.
  • Leave Jubilife City by the northeast exit to appear in Route 203.

Visit GTS and Jubilife TV!

  • Come back to Jubilife City after you get the Coal Badge at Oreburgh Gym. You can enter Global Trade Station and Jubilife TV.
  • You meet Looker at the east entrance to Jubilife city. When Looker just leaves, go to the north exit of the city to find Prof. Rowan and Lucas/Dawn interrogated by two Team Galactic Grunts. Engage the Grunts into a Tag Battle, in which you team up with Lucas/Dawn.
  • After beating two Team Galactic Grunts, a guy who works at Jubilife TV comes over to hand you the Fashion Case. Now you can use the Fitting Room on the second floor of Jubilife TV HQ, where you need the Fashion Case to adorn your Pokemon.
  • At GTS, you can trade Pokemon with trainers from overseas. You can watch Pokemon Battle Videos and Pokemon contest results from all over the world as well.
    You receive a backdrop for Pokemon Gallery from a woman on the first floor. You need the Fashion Case to receive this item.
  • Leave Jubilife City by the north exit to appear in Route 204.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Lass Uses weak Pokemon. Female counterpart of Youngster
Youngster Uses weak Pokemon. Male counterpart of Lass

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