Route 204

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You Can't Go North Yet!

  • You appear in Route 204, leaving Jubilife City by the north exit. If you follow the way to the north, you eventually reach a dungeon called Ravaged Path.
  • However, you can't explore Ravaged Path without a Pokemon that can use Brick Break. Visit Ravaged Path later when one of your Pokemon learns the move.

Head to Ravaged Path!

  • Come to Route 204 when you obtained the Coal Badge at Oreburgh Gym. Go north through Route 204 until you reach Ravaged Path.

Go to Floaroma Town!

  • After getting out of Ravaged Path by the east exit, head further to the north to appear in Floaroma Town.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Bidoof Walk in tall grass
Budew Walk in tall grass
Kricketot Walk in tall grass
Psyduck Use Surf on a pond
Shinx Walk in tall grass
Starly Walk in tall grass
Zubat Walk in tall grass

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Lass Uses weak Pokemon. Female counterpart of Youngster
Youngster Uses weak Pokemon. Male counterpart of Lass
Aroma Lady Uses Grass-type Pokemon
Bug Catcher Uses Bug-type Pokemon
Twin Engages you in Tag Battle

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