Oreburgh Gate

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Go to Oreburgh City!

  • You meet a Hiker when you enter Oreburgh Gate for your first time. Receive Hidden Machine 06 Rock Smash from the Hiker.
  • Oreburgh Gate is actually a cave. The cave leads to the north, but you can't go any further because of rugged rocks blocking the way. You need a Pokemon that uses Rock Smash, which can't be used until you get the first Gym Badge from Oreburgh Gym Leader Roark.
  • Head east to appear in Oreburgh City.

You Need Bicycle and Surf!

  • When you get the Coal Badge at Oreburgh Gym, you can break the rugged rocks blocking the way on 1F. You can do down to B1f by the stairs at the north end.
  • However, you need Bicycle and Hidden Machine 03 Surf to explore all sections of this area. Come back after you get them. While riding your Bicycle, use bumps on the ground to jump over obstacles. Surf on the water to the west to find items.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Psyduck Walk in cave or use Surf
Zubat Walk in cave

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Picnicker Appears in the wilderness. Female counterpart of Camper
Camper Appears in the wilderness. Male counterpart of Picnicker
Veteran Uses tough Pokemon

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