Team Galactic Eterna Building

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Intrude Team Galactic Eterna Building!

  • You meet Looker at the entrance of Galactic Building. Looker gives you a hint about the building's two stairs.
  • Climb up the building while defeating Galactic Grunts until you make it to the top floor.
  • Meet Rad Rickshaw, the owner of Eterna City's cycle shop, facing Jupiter on the top floor. Defeat Commander Jupiter, who uses a Zubat and a Skuntank. After beating Commander Jupiter, all the people leave the building.
  • Return to Eterna City.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Commander Uses Pokemon that have evil appearance. Tougher than Galactic Grunt
Galactic Grunt Uses Pokemon that have evil appearance
Scientist Uses a battle item at the beginning of battle

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