Lake Verity

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Meet Cyrus!

  • When you enter Lake Verity for the first time, you find Cyrus talking to himself. Cyrus just leaves, and so does Barry.
  • Return to Route 201.

Defeat Team Galactic!

  • After battling with Commander Saturn at Lake Valor, Saturn makes a slip of the tongue and lets you learn the legendary Pokemon living in Lake Verity is in danger. Come to Lake Verity immediately.
  • You meet Prof. Rowan near the entrance. Proceed while defeating Galactic Grunts to meet Lucas/Dawn. Defeat Commander Jupiter in Lucas'/Dawn's stead.
  • After Jupiter and all the Galactic Grunts flee from Lake Verity, Professor Rowan asks you to see if Barry is OK. You must head to Lake Acuity, the lake located at the northernmost point of Sinnoh Region. First Fly to either Eterna City or Celestic Town, then enter Mt. Coronet.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Bidoof Walk in tall grass

[Lake Verity / Sinnoh Region]