Route 201

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Your First Pokemon Battle!

  • Meet Barry at the exit of Twinleaf Town. Talk with Barry and watch an ensuing event. Prof. Rowan gives you a Pokemon, which is either Turtwig, Chimchar or Piplup. Turtwig is a Grass-type Pokemon, while Chimchar is Fire-type and Piplup being Water-type. After you choose your first Pokemon, Prof. Rowan and his apprentice, Lucas/Dawn leave for Sandgem Town.
  • Barry engages you in a Pokemon battle. Do your best to win, though there is no penalty if you lose.
  • Go back to Twinleaf Town.

Go to Verity Lakefront!

  • After you receive the Running Shoes from Mom, come back to Route 201 to meet Barry at the same place as before.
  • Follow Barry to Verity Lakefront.

Head to Sandgem Town!

  • Barry left Lake Verity to meet Prof. Rowan. You must follow Barry to Sandgem Town.
  • The woman standing at the edge of the northeast patch of grass gives you a Potion. Be sure to speak to her.
  • After receiving the Potion, go east to appear in Sandgem Town.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Bidoof Walk in tall grass
Kricketot Walk in tall grass
Starly Walk in tall grass

[Route 201 / Sinnoh Region]