Twinleaf Town

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Go to Route 201 to Meet Barry!

  • You start from your room watching TV. Your childhood friend and rival, Barry rushes into your room saying that he is planning on meeting Prof. Rowan. Barry immediately leaves for Route 201.
  • Go downstairs to meet your Mom. Talk with your Mom, then go out.
  • Visit Barry's home. It's the northwest house with a mailbox. Barry leaves home and hurries to Route 201.
  • Head for Route 201.

Get Running Shoes from Mom!

  • After you had a Pokemon Battle with Barry on Route 201, return to your home.
  • Talk to your Mom to receive a pair of Running Shoes. Now you can run while you hold the B button.
  • Leave your home and head to Route 201 again.

Tell Mom You Are Leaving!

  • After you receive Pokedex from Prof. Rowan, return to your home to say goodbye to Mom.
  • You are entrusted with a Parcel by Barry's Mom. You must deliver the Parcel to Barry.
  • Go to Sandgem Town. Leave Sandgem Town by the northeast exit to appear in Route 202.

Head to Snowpoint City!

  • After beating the game, you come back to Twinleaf Town and start from your room again. Go downstairs to meet your Mom. Mom says Barry wants you to come to the dock in Snowpoint City.
  • Use Fly to immediately head to Snowpoint City.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Psyduck Use Surf

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