Snowpoint City

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Explore Snowpoint City!

  • You meet Maylene, the Veilstone Gym Leader at the Pokemon Center. Maylene seems to have come to see Candice, the Snowpoint Gym Leader.
  • Talk to the Hiker who lives in one of the houses to have your Pokemon learn new moves. To have the Hiker teach your Pokemon a new move, you need a certain number and colors of Shards.
  • Challenge the Snowpoint Gym. Defeat the Gym Leader Candice to obtain the Icicle Badge and TM Avalanche. After getting the Icicle Badge, you can use HM08 move Rock Climb outside battle.
  • Return to Acuity Lakefront to proceed to Lake Aquity.

Head to Fight Area!

  • After beating the game, talk to the Sailor in front of the dock. Speak with Champion Cynthia and the Sailor, and the Sailor takes you to Fight Area by cruiser.

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