Fight Area

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Explore Fight Area!

  • When you first come to Fight Area, Barry takes you to the front of Battle Frontier. Defeat Gym Leader Volkner and Elite Four Flint, while teaming up with Barry.
  • You can challenge Battle Frontier now. Battle Frontier has five facilities: Battle Tower, Battle Factory, Battle Arcade, Battle Hall, and Battle Castle.
  • The Socialite in the Poke Mart gives away the Scope Lens.
  • The Black Belt in the southernmost house gives information about certain items that are very useful in battle.
  • The passageway near the dock is connected to Route 225, and you'll appear in Route 230 if you head east from Poke Mart. However, you can proceed to neither Route 225 nor Route 230 for now, because there are people blocking the way.
    You can pass after you see every Pokemon including the legendary Pokemon Manaphy in Sinnoh Pokedex. You can register Manaphy in your Pokedex by looking into the book the Pokemon Mansion owner has. Visit Route 214 and enter the Pokemon Mansion, then go to the room in which the owner and the butler are waiting for visitors. Examine the book on top of the table behind the Mansion owner to register Manaphy.
  • When you register all the Sinnoh Pokemon in your Pokedex, go visit Prof. Rowan. Prof. Rowan is at his laboratory in Sandgem Town, so simply show your Sinnoh Pokedex to have it ungraded to the National Pokedex. After this, you can finally explore areas other than Fight Area in Battle zone island. Fly to Fight Area, then head north from the dock to proceed to Route 225.

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