Acuity Lakefront

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Go to Snowpoint City!

  • You meet Barry along the way to Snowpoint City. Barry is on top of the high cliff, but you can't climb up the cliff until you defeat the Gym Leader at Snowpoint Gym. Barry leaves, saying he must go to Lake Acuity.
  • It's not blizzarding like it was on Route 217, so the sight is clear in this area. It's still snowing though, making it start hailing at the beginning of every battle.
  • Head east to enter Snowpoint City.

Head to Lake Aquity!

  • After you beat the Snowpoint Gym, use Rock Climb in front of the rocky wall to climb up the cliff.
  • Continue north to appear in Lake Aquity.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Sneasel Walk in tall grass
Snorunt Walk in tall grass
Snover Walk in tall grass
Swinub Walk in tall grass

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note

[Acuity Lakefront / Sinnoh Region]