Celestic Town

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Explore Celestic Town!

  • Receive the Wise glasses from a boy in the northwest house, where they sell goods like Poke Marts do. Wise glasses ups the power of Special attacks when equipped by a Pokemon.
  • You get Analog watch app for your Poketch from the Black Belt who lives in the southwest house.
  • To learn about the origin of Sinnoh region, talk to the old fellow and read a note in the elder's house. Then examine the etchings on the wall near the center of the town.
  • Sometimes you can battle trainers like Clowns by the counter in the Pokemon Center.

Fight against Team Galactic!

  • Speak to the Galactic Grunt guarding the entrance to the ruins. Defeat the Galactic Grunt and meet the elder of Celestic Town, then hand the elder the Old Charm entrusted by Cynthia.
  • Enter the ruins to examine the etching of three legendary Pokemon on the back wall. The elder and Cyrus catches up with you. When Cyrus attempts to erase the etching, speak to Cyrus and defeat him in Pokemon battle. Cyrus uses Sneasel, Golbat, and Murkrow.
  • After defeating Cyrus, both Cyrus and the elder leave the cave. Exit the ruins to meet Cynthia. Cynthia says the next gym should be in Canalave City.
  • Visit the elder's house to find the elder back home safe and sound. Receive HM03 Surf from the elder.
  • Your next destination is Canalave City. Fly to Jubilife City, then leave the city by the west exit to appear in Route 218.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Magikarp Use Rod by water
Psyduck Use Surf

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Clown Uses Psychic-type Pokemon
Galactic Grunt Uses evil-looking Pokemon

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