Route 218

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You Can't Explore Route 218 without Surf!

  • You can come to Route 218 getting out of Jubilife City by the west exit. You can visit Route 218 immediately after you reach Jubilife City. However, you should come here after you come across Hidden Machine 03 Surf, because you can't explore the ocean without Surf. All you can do is merely walk on a small tip of pier.
  • Speak to the fisherman in the gate which connects Route 218 to Jubilife City to receive the Old Rod. Use it when you're facing any body of water to meet a Magikarp.

Head to Canalave City!

  • After you get HM03 Surf at Celestic Town, come to Route 218 and use Surf by the water to have your Pokemon carry you across the sea.
  • Continue west until you reach Canalave City. You meet Lucas'/Dawn's father in the gate, who enhances your Pokedex.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Floatzel Walk in tall grass
Gastrodon Walk in tall grass
Magikarp Use Old Rod
Mr. Mime Walk in tall grass
Shellos Surf on water
Tentacool Surf on water

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Guitarist Uses Pokemon related to guitarist
Sailor Uses Pokemon related to sailor

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