Canalave City

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Explore Canalave City!

  • Cross the bridge over the canal to meet your rival, Barry. Barry challenges you to a Pokemon Battle, in which he uses Staraptor, Roserade, Floatzel, Heracross, and Infernape in case you chose Turtwig for your starter Pokemon. If you picked another Pokemon as your starter, Barry replaces some of his Pokemon with other species.
  • You receive TM Skill Swap from the Ace Trainer in the southeast house.
  • Visit the Canalave Library. The first and second floors are useless, but you can read many Sinnoh Myths on the third floor.

Challenge Canalave Gym!

  • Before heading to Canalave Gym, you should train at Iron Island first. Speak to the sailor standing on the southwest pier to have him sail to Iron Island.
  • When you feel ready after training at Iron Island, it's time to challenge the Canalave Gym. Beat Gymleader Byron to receive the Mine Badge and TM Flash Cannon.
  • As soon as you leave the Gym, you meet Barry. Follow Barry to the third floor of the Canalave Library. Meet Barry, Prof. Rowan, and Lucas/Dawn there.
  • After watching the explosion at Lake Valor on TV, head to Lake Valor immediately. You can visit Lake Valor by the entrance near the north exit of Valor Lakefront, which was previously blocked by a pack of TV crew.

Save Sailor Eldritch's Son!

  • After beating the game, visit sailor Eldritch's house. It's on the left side of the canal. You'll find out Eldritch's son has been trapped in a nightmare.
  • Go out of the house, then speak to Eldritch near the pier. Eldritch takes you to Fullmoon Island. Meet Cresselia in the forest and obtain the Lunar Wing. Speak to Eldritch to sail back to Canalave City.
  • After Cresselia leaves Fullmoon Island, it starts roaming Sinnoh Region. Use Marking Map Poketch app to find Cresselia. When you are in the same place as Cresselia is, step into any patch of tall grass to meet Cresselia. Use some move like Mean Look that prevents Cresselia from fleeing immediately, then reduce Cresselia's HP as low as you can and put it to sleep. Throw Dusk Balls, Ultra Balls, a Master Ball, or whatever to catch it.
  • Visit Sailor Eldritch's house again. Speak to the boy in his sleep when you have the Lunar Wing to awaken the boy. After this, you can visit Iron Island again by talking to Eldritch on the pier.

Meet Lucian!

  • After beating the game, Lucian appears on the first floor of Canalave Library. Speak to Lucian to hear some story. Lucian leaves for Pokemon League.
  • If you wish to meet Lucian in Canalave Library again, Fly to Pokemon League and defeat the Elite Four and Champion. Then return to Canalave Library to meet Lucian.

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