Valor Lakefront

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Go to Route 213!

  • There is a Beauty who lost her hotel key somewhere in Valor Lakefront. You can detect the hotel key using Dowsing Machine Poketch app, but you can't get to the place until you get HM Rock Climber.
  • The game director stays at one of the houses. He is in the westmost house. When you register all the Pokemon found in Sinnoh region in your Sinnoh Pokedex, visit the director to be rewarded.
  • The Seven Star restaurant at the center of the resort opens only in daytime. You can have Tag battles with trainers eating in the restaurant.
  • There is a house in the southern area that you can't reach unless you have HM08 Rock Climb. After you obtain this HM, return to Valor Lakefront and climb the wall to reach the house. Speak to the rich boy inside to get a Poketch app, Coin Toss.
  • You can proceed to Route 213 if you continue south.

Chase Galactic Grunt!

  • After you hear the Galactic Bomb explode in Pastoria Great Marsh, chase after the Team Galactic Grunt who set the bomb.
  • The Galactic Grunt eventually makes his way to Valor Lakefront. Talk to the Grunt once again when he gets closer to Lake Valor to engage him in a Pokemon Battle.
  • After defeating the Galactic Grunt, you meet Cynthia and Barry. Cynthia gives you the Secret Potion that cures the headache in Psyducks lined up on Route 210.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Girafarig Walk in tall grass
Houndour Walk in tall grass
Staravia Walk in tall grass

Trainers List

Trainer Note

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