Route 210

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Go to Route 215!

  • Go north from Solaceon Town to appear in Route 210. Continue north to find a Cafe.
  • You can buy the Moo Moo Milk for P500 at this Cafe. Moo Moo Milk restores 100 HP to a Pokemon, which is twice as much as Super Potion does. The good thing is, the price of Moo Moo Milk is cheaper than the double price of a Super Potion. This makes Moo Moo Milk the best healing item if you are concerned about healing Pokemon at the cheapest price.
  • You can battle with a Waitress and two Pokemon Collectors at the Cafe.
  • Head east from the Cafe to reach Route 215.

Time to Head North!

  • After you receive the SecretPotion from Cynthia at Valor Lakefront, come to Route 210 again to give the potion to the Psyduck that are blocking the way to the north. When you use the SecretPotion on Psyduck, it works and gets rid of Psyduck's chronic headaches. Cynthia catches up to ask you to bring the Old Charm to her Grandma, who is also the elder of Celestic Town. Accept Cynthia's favor to receive the Old Charm.
  • Now that all the Psyduck are gone, you can head north. Go through the grassy area and continue north to appear in a very foggy area. Use Hidden Move Defog to clear the fog, then proceed west while crossing bridges. Continue west to eventually arrive at Celestic Town.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Bibarel Walk in tall grass
Geodude Walk in tall grass
Hoothoot Walk in tall grass
Kadabra Walk in tall grass
Machoke Walk in tall grass
Machop Walk in tall grass
Meditite Walk in tall grass
Noctowl Walk in tall grass
Ponyta Walk in tall grass
Scyther Walk in tall grass
Staravia Walk in tall grass
Swablu Walk in tall grass

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Ace Trainer Uses relatively tough Pokemon
Belle & Pas Use Ponyta or Rapidash. Do Multi Battle
Bird Keeper Uses bird Pokemon
Black Belt Uses Fighting-type Pokemon
Double Team Does a Tag Battle. Two Ace Trainers appear at once
Ninja Boy Hides in tall grass
Pokemon Breeder Uses unevolved Pokemon
Pokemon Collector Uses rare Pokemon
Rancher Uses Ponyta or Rapidash
Veteran Uses relatively tough Pokemon
Waitress Appears in Cafe

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