Solaceon Town

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Explore Solaceon Town!

  • Visit Pokemon News Press, the house to the east of the Pokemon Center. Show the Pokemon that the editor demands to see, and you'll receive a Heart Scale and some kind of Poke Ball.
  • You can battle with the Poke Kid by the counter in the Pokemon Center.
  • Leave your Pokemon at Pokemon Day Care to raise them. You can leave up to two Pokemon at one time.
    If the two Pokemon you left belong to the same egg group, their eggs can be found at Pokemon Day Care. The Day Care man standing outside the building gives you Pokemon eggs if any are found. Note that he can keep only one egg, which makes it impossible for the next egg to be laid if Day Care Man already has an egg.
    Use Poketch app with which you can observe your Pokemon you left at Day Care. You receive this app from a Day Care fan guy after using Day Care service at least once. The guy appears in Day Care building. With this Poketch app, you can check your Pokemon's levels and if they laid an egg.
  • Receive the Seal Case from a woman living in the northeast house. You must jump off of some ledges in the northeastern corner of the town to reach the house.
  • You can visit Solaceon Ruins, a cave located at the southeast end of the town. First go to the northeast end of the town, then go south jumping over some ledges to reach the entrance to Solaceon Ruins.
  • The son of the woman who gave you the Seal Case wants to see the Pokemon named Unown. Catch Unown in Solaceon Ruins, then bring it to show the kid. The kid gives you some Seals that correspond to the form of Unown you brought to him.
  • Go north from the town to appear in Route 210.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Poke Kid Disguised as Pikachu. Uses Pikachu or Pichu

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