Solaceon Ruins

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Get HM05 Defog!

  • The entrance to Solaceon Ruins is located at the southeastern end of Solaceon Town.
  • On the rear wall of the first room, there is something written with Unown alphabet. This phrases show the way to the deepest chamber of the ruins, in which HM05 Defog is placed. It might be a bit hard to read because the alphabet are shaped like Unown, but it's still recognizable which Unown corresponds to which letter.
  • Now you should know how to reach the last chamber. Follow the way to arrive in the last room to get HM05 Defog and other items like Nugget.
  • You'll find a lost Hiker on your way back to the entrance. Let the Hiker use your HM05 Defog to receive an item.
  • There are a Water Stone, a Thunder Stone and a Fire Stone somewhere in the Solaceon Ruins. Each of them is hidden in the rock in a small chamber. Visit every small chamber and use Dowsing machine Poketch app to confirm if there's a stone hidden in the rock. Examine the rock to extract a stone.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Unown Walk in cave

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Ruin Maniac Appears in ruins and caves

[Solaceon Ruins / Sinnoh Region]