Route 213

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Go to Valor Lakefront!

  • The northeastern section of Route 213 is part of the Valor Lakefront resort. Receive TM Trick Room from the clown staying at one of the houses.
  • Go south to appear in the seashore. Head west to find Dr. Footstep's house. Show your Pokemon to Dr. Footstep to learn how friendly they've grown to you. If your Pokemon is as friendly to you as it could be, it receives the Footprint Ribbon.
  • Head north from Dr. Footstep's house, then go west to appear in Pastoria City.

Chase Galactic Grunt!

  • After you hear the sound of explosion near Pastoria Great Marsh, Barry asks you to follow the Galactic Grunt who set the bomb.
  • At first the Galactic Grunt is resting near the exit to the city. Every time you talk to the Grunt, he runs away a little bit for Lake Valor.
  • You meet Looker along the way, who doesn't do a specific thing. Follow the Grunt to Valor Lakefront.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Buizel Walk in tall grass
Chatot Walk in tall grass
Magikarp Use Rod by water
Remoraid Use Rod by water
Shellos Use surf
Tentacool Use Surf
Wingull Use Surf

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Fisher Uses Water-type Pokemon
Sailor Uses Pokemon related to sailor
Swimmer Appears in the sea. Uses Water-type Pokemon
Tuber Uses mainly Water-type Pokemon

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