Pastoria City

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Explore Pastoria City!

  • You receive the Chimchar Mask from the Parasol Lady near the entrance.
  • You can battle with either Idol, Clown, or Guitarist by the counter in the Pokemon Center.
  • Move Tutor lives in the house at the center of Pastoria City. Give Move Tutor a Heart Scale to have him teach one of your Pokemon a move it can learn by leveling up. You can only teach moves that should've already been learned by your Pokemon's current level.
  • Bring both male and female Combee to the kid that lives in the west house. He rewards you with the Macho Brace.
  • Visit Pastoria Great Marsh, a ginormous safari zone adjacent to Pastoria City. You can enter Pastoria Great Marsh by the gate on the northern side of Pastoria City.

Beat Pastoria Gym!

  • When you are about to enter the Pastoria Gym, Barry appears and challenges you to a Pokemon Battle. Defeat your rival Barry. In case you chose Turtwig for your starter Pokemon, Barry uses Staravia, Roselia, Buizel and Monferno.
  • After battling with Barry, go into the Pastoria Gym. The water level inside the gym changes when you step on switches. There are three types of switches, each of which corresponds to a certain level of the water. Activate the switches as you press on, eventually to appear in front of the Gym Leader, Crasher Wake.
  • Receive the Fen Badge and TM Brine from Wake. Get out of the Pastoria Gym to meet Barry, then Wake.
  • Barry and Wake go to see if the Galactic Grunt has done anything wrong. Follow them to the northern section of the town, then speak to Wake.
  • Leave Pastoria City to find Team Galactic Grunt. The Grunt is just out of the city on Route 213.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Clown Uses Pokemon related to Clown
Guitarist Uses Pokemon related to music
Idol Uses cute Pokemon

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