Pastoria Gym

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Defeat Crasher Wake!

  • You must raise or lower the water level in Pastoria Gym along the way to make it to the Gym Leader. Step on any switches to change the water level. There are three different colors of switches in the Gym, each of which corresponds to a certain water level. When the water level is high, you can walk on the rafts to proceed to the next platform.
  • Proceed until you reach the platform on which Gym Leader Wake awaits. Defeat Pastoria Gym Leader Wake. He uses Gyarados, Floatzel, and Quagsire.
  • Receive the Fen Badge and TM Brine from Gym Leader Wake.

Used Pokemon List

Pokemon Note
Azumarill Tuber
Azurill Tuber
Bibarel Tuber
Floatzel Wake
Goldeen Fisher
Golduck Sailor
Gyarados Fisher, Wake
Marill Tuber
Pelipper Sailor
Quagsire Wake
Seaking Fisher
Wingull Sailor
Whiscash Fisher

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Fisher Uses Water-type fish Pokemon
Sailor Uses Water-type bird Pokemon
Tuber Uses Water-type Pokemon

[Pastoria Gym / Sinnoh Region]