Pastoria Great Marsh

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Explore Pastoria Great Marsh!

  • The Pokemon that appear in an area differs from day to day. You can learn which Pokemon are in which area today by looking into the binoculars. You can use the binoculars on the second floor of the entrance gate. It costs P100 per use.
  • Enjoy your excursion in Pastoria Great Marsh. You can stay in the Great Marsh until either you run out of Safari Balls or you walk 500 steps.
  • There are six areas in the Great Marsh. In case you plan to go to far areas, use the Quick Tram to save your steps.
  • The Ace Trainer near the entrance gives you a shard. Other Trainers don't give anything to you nor battle with you, but provides useful tips in marshland.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Barboach Use Rod by water
Bibarel Walk in marsh
Carnivine Walk in marsh
Croagunk Walk in marsh
Hoothoot Walk in marsh
Magikarp Use Rod by water
Noctowl Walk in marsh
Quagsire Walk in marsh
Skorupi Walk in marsh
Tangela Walk in marsh
Wooper Walk in marsh
Yanma Walk in marsh

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note

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