Iron Island

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Explore Iron Island!

  • Iron Island is an iron mine abandoned some time ago. First meet Riley at the entrance to the mine to receive HM04 Strength.
  • Riley waits for you in the mine. Look for Riley as he told you to. When you find Riley, speak to him to team up with Riley. After this, Riley heals your Pokemon after every battle.
    While you are with Riley, two wild Pokemon appear at once like in Tag Battle. You can also do Tag Battles with paired up trainers in the mine. Riley uses Lucario when you battle together.
    You can't decide which move Lucario uses or which Pokemon it attacks. It may get annoying if you try to catch wild Pokemon because Lucario may attempt to kill the Pokemon you want to catch. In this case, kill Lucario by attacking it yourself before it can kill wild Pokemon, or maybe just wait until you and Riley part ways, then come back later alone to catch Pokemon.
  • You find Team Galactic Grunts deep in the mine. Team up with Riley in a Tag Battle and defeat the Galactic Grunts. The Grunts flee from the mine.
  • After you beat the two Galactic Grunts, you receive a Pokemon egg from Riley. However, you can't carry the egg if you have no vacant Pokemon slots. Return to the Pokemon Center in Canalave City, then connect Bebe's PC and leave a Pokemon in the PC to make space for the egg.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Golbat Walk in cave
Graveler Walk in cave
Onix Walk in cave
Steelix Walk in cave
Wingull Surf on water

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Ace Trainer Uses tough Pokemon
Camper Appears in the wilderness. Male counterpart of Picnicker
Galactic Grunt Uses evil-looking Pokemon
Picnicker Appears in the wilderness. Female counterpart of Camper
Worker Uses Pokemon that works in places like mines or caves

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