Somnia (Dream World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Somnia in the Dream World.

On Your First Visit

  • Go north through the town, and enter the castle area. Talk to the guard and answer his question to join the royal soldiers.
  • Return to the town area and visit the church. A man will walk past you.
  • When you go out of the church, the bell rings from the castle. Go into the castle, then upstairs.
  • Captain Blade will meet you troops and give an order to bring a treasure from Garsbane Tower.
  • Leave Somnia and walk south across a couple of bridges for Gardsbane Tower.

After Obtaining Restless Heart

  • Talk to Captain Blade. No matter you got the Restless heart at Gardsbane Tower or not, you will be recruited as a Somnian soldier.
  • Visit the courtyard of the castle. Talk to the worried old man next to the horseless wagon. He askes you to bring a beast that can pull the wagon.
  • Leave Somnia to look for the beast. When you walk away from Somnia, a Somnian soldier named Carver catches up with you. Carver joins your party.
  • Go west and enter the woods. You'll find a white mustang. Your first chase will result in failure. Carver comes up with an idea after you fail, so follow what he says. You will catch the mustang at the north end of the forest eventually.
  • Return to Somnia. Tell the old man by the wagon that the horse has arrived. Captain Blade will appear, and take you to the throne room.
  • In the throne room, you meet King Somnus. King Somnus talks about Ra's mirror, and gives you a mission to bring Ra's mirror to him. A checkpoint northeast of Somnia is now opened.
  • Leave Somnia and go northeast. Pass the Somnian checkpoint and proceed for northeast until you find a church. Go south from the church to find a house.
  • In this house lives a dwarf who wish to build a new shed beside his aged house. Talk to the dwarf and he requests that you build the shed. When you answer his questions correctly, Carver will eventually build a fine shed for the dwarf. Then the dwarf will tell you about Alltrades Abbey.
  • Head for where Alltrades Abbey should be. First, go east to find a forest area. Near the center of the forest, command "examine" and you'll find a secret passage.
  • Enter the secret passage and go down the stairs. After you go up the other side of stairs, you will reach the east side of the river.
  • Go east to find a great chasm through which you can see the lower world. Fall from the chasm, then your body will be invisible again. You'll land near Port Haven.

After Obtaining Ra's Mirror

  • Visit the castle and inform Captain Blade that you have achieved Ra's Mirror. Captain Blade will immediately take you to the throne room.
  • Talk to King Somnus and hand Ra's Mirror to him. Wait till midnight when the soldiers are to attack Murdaw.
  • Captain Blade will call you at midnight. Follow him to the throne room. After the following event, King Somnus will turn into a young woman Apnea. Listen to Apnea's story and Apnea will join your party, though she will never take part in battles.
  • Head for Murdaw's castle. Leave Somnia and go east. Then follow the east mountain to the south to find the southeast checkpoint.
  • Pass the south checkpoint and head east. Walk across the poisonous marshland. You will find a cave at the end of the path. Enter the cave, Murdaw's Keep.

After Defeating Murdaw in Dream World

  • Young King Somnus is no longer in this castle, for he turned out to be Apnea and has left Somnia. When you visit the throne room, the chancellor informs you that the King has been missing.
  • Head for another Somnia in the Real World.