Gardsbane Tower (Dream World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Gardsbane Tower in the Dream World.


On Your First Visit

  • Your purpose at Garsbane Tower is to obtain the Restless Heart. The guardian on the uppermost level of the tower holds it.
  • On the third floor, you'll find a guardian in your way. If you defeat this Tower Sentry, you can take shortcut to the treasure. If you decide not to fight against him, you have to find the other way around.
    The result of your trial in Garsbane Tower depends on whether or not you defeat this Tower sentry. However, it doesn't affect much on the storyline.
  • Go up the stairs to find a level with three doors. Each door has a person before it. Only one of the three people is telling the truth. Listen close to every one of them, and go through the door behind the one who tells the truth.
  • On the uppermost level, you have to face the boss Garret. Talk to Garret and defeat him.
  • After you defeat Garret, the trial is over. You'll receive the Restless Heart if you've defeated the Tower sentry to take shortcut. If you didn't defeat the Tower sentry, a Somnian soldier Carver will receive it instead.
  • Go back to Somnia.