Somnia (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Somnia in the Real World.

On Your First Visit

  • Go north through the town and enter the castle. Speak to the guard to be told you can't enter the castle.
  • Back in the town, visit the Armour Shop at the southeast. Purchase Noble Garb for 800 gold coins. With the Noble Garb equipped, everyone in Somnia will take you for the Prince of Somnia.
  • Visit the castle and talk to the guard again. He will let you pass this time. Go inside the castle and talk with Captain Rusty.
  • Talk to the soldier standing before the stairs to the throne room. After Captain Rusty shows up, he will let you pass into the throne room.
  • In the throne room, talk to King Somnus and Queen Apnea sleeping on the bed. As you leave, Chancellor Keating will appear. After answering Chancellor Keating's question, you will be kicked out of the castle whichever choice you make.
  • Get out of Somnia. Go northwest, then southeast toward a cave. This is Amor cave. Go south from Amor cave to reach Amor.

After Defeating Murdaw in Dream World

  • When you enter the castle, you'll be put in the cell for a while, but can get out in no time. In the throne room, talk with King Somnus. You will be bestowed with the Lightning Staff.
  • Find King Somnus at the southwest end of the balcony on the second floor. Talk to King Somnus and he will give you the Royal Missive.
  • Leave Somnia and head for the north checkpoint. Pass the checkpoint, then go east to find a river. Follow the river to the north, and you will reach the next town Ghent at the end of the river.

After Defeating Murdaw in Real World

  • Talk with King Somnus and Queen Apnea.
  • Leave Somnia and head for the Alltrades Abbey in the Dream World.

After Reuniting Two of Your Selves

  • The Somnian soldiers will be waiting for the Prince's return at the entrance of Somnia. Talk with Captain Franco and you will be escorted to the throne room.
  • After the feast for the Prince, you'll wake up on the bed beside Queen Apnea. Talk with Madame Luca.
  • Walk around the castle to collect memories of the Prince of Somnia. The memories are shaped as orbs of lights, and you can see the Prince's memories when you walk into the lights. The memory orbs are located at such places as below.
    F1 courtyard, kitchen, laboratory
    F2 soldier's room, west balcony, east balcony
    F3 the throne room (only after you've collected all the other memories)
    After collecting all the memories, talk with King Somnus. Sleep until the next day.
  • Talk with King Somnus in the throne room. Receive the Helm of Sebath, which is one of the four legendary equipments, from the King.