Amor (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Amor in the Real World.

On Your First Visit

  • Go to the church to learn it is closed for now.
  • Visit Amor cave to talk to an old traveller.
  • Return to Amor town and visit the church again. Enter the bedroom on the first floor. Speak with the old woman Evgenya, then sleep on the bed. You'll wake up at another Amor in the Dream World.

After Rescuing Ilya

  • Get up at the church to find old Evgenya, who is now free from the nightmare. Talk with Evagenya.
  • Old Ilya comes into the bedroom. Watch old Ilya and Evgenya's reunion. Evgenya will give you the Mirror Key.
  • Go back to Somnia, then go north, and west. You'll reach Moonmirror Tower.

After Collecting Hints about Shield of Velora

  • After you collected hints about the legendary Shield of Velora, it's time to hunt for the Shield.
    Embark on Providence at Amor and sail south, west, then north. You will find a large cave at the source of the river. Go into the cave, where the legendary Shield of Velora rests.
    You need hints from the soldier in the cave and King Poseidon to proceed through the dungeon. If you haven't collected those hints, see Felonia and Poseidon's Keep.
  • First, you go through several corridors. Follow the word of the soldier in the cave. It goes like this, "First north. At the end, east. North at the first four-way intersection, then south at the four-way intersection to the west."
  • You will reach the underground maze. Head for the golden statue of a dragon. Then go south and examine the spot to the south of the wall. Continue to search until you find a hidden stairway. You can command "examine" not only via menu, but also by simply pressing A.
  • Go downstairs and you will be in the small room of repetition. Now the hint from King Poseidon will work. "In the small room of repetition, the true path forward lies at three levels down and two levels up". Follow his words and the path to the south will open. Go south to find another staircase leading you downstairs.
  • Now another maze again. At the west of this labyrinth, you will find a room with a treasure chest. Open the treasure chest to obtain the Shield of Velora.