Moonmirror Tower (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Moonmirror Tower in the Real World.


On Your First Visit

  • Go up north and examine the mirror wall. The boss will talk to you from behind the mirror. Defeat the boss Corpsickles. You must defeat three of them.
  • After defeating three Corpsickles, the mirror wall vanishes. Go upstairs and enter the east tower. The west tower is shut fast for now.
  • Your purpose is to find two purple orbs, and a lever. Explore every corner of the tower. When you come across one of the orbs, move it forward to break it into pieces. Eliminate both orbs. When you find the lever, examine it to push it to the other side. The west tower will be open.
  • In the east tower, you will find an invisible girl named Ashlynn. Use some of the Dream Dew on her to make her visible. Ashlynn will join your party, though she doesn't take part in battling yet.
  • After you're finished with the orbs and the lever, go back down to the entrance of the two towers. Enter the west tower.
  • In the west tower, your purpose is to find two orbs again. After you crash both, the center room, which had been floating high in the air, finally falls onto the floor.
  • Go back down to the entrance of two towers. Go into the fallen center room to find Ra's Mirror. Examine Ra's Mirror to acquire it. After you obtain Ra's Mirror, Ashlynn will permanently join your party. After this, she will take part in battles.
  • Go downstairs and get out of Moonmirror Tower. Head to the port of Somnia. Travel to Port Haven by ferry. You can also return to Port Haven simply by casting Zoom.