Port Haven (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Port Haven in the Real World.

On Your First Visit

  • After you've fallen from the chasm where Alltrades Abbey once was, go south to find a town. This is Port Haven.
  • At the southwest end of the town, you will find Johan and Ella talking. After Ella leaves, talk to Johan and answer his questions.
  • Visit Mayor's house at the southeast of the town. Find Ella climb up to Johan's room. Just follow her and listen to her. Go downstairs and open the entrance door. Ivy will enter the room and you'll witness what Ivy does to the meal for Mayor's dog. After the ensuing event, Ella is sent to the cell.
  • Go to the west part of Port Haven. Enter the port building on the pier to find a blond girl named Milly. She is the only person so far who can see you in this world.
  • Visit the church and leave Port Haven. Follow Milly to Madame Luca's.

After Becoming Visible

  • Visit Port Haven again after being made visible at Madame Luca's.
  • At the Mayor's residence, talk to the Mayor and inform him of Ella's innocence. Go upstairs and talk to Johan, the son of the Mayor. Johan will leave home.
  • Visit the port building at the west end of Port Haven. Purchase three tickets for 150 gold coins. After you get onboard, the ship will leave for Somnia.
  • When you arrive at the next port, get off the ferry. Head for Somnia in this world nearby.

After Obtaining Ra's Mirror

  • You must return to the Dream World from here. You can go back either by the well in Alltrades Abbey ruin, or by casting Zoom after Madame Luca enhances the spell.
  • If you prefer to return to the Dream World by the well, just visit Alltrades Abbey ruin again and peer into the well.
  • If you want your spell Zoom enhanced so that you can Zoom between the two worlds, visit Madame Luca's. Madame Luca will have your spell enhanced.