Felonia (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Felonia in the Real World.


On Your First Visit

  • You can visit Felonia at the southeast end of the World Map, though you don't have to if you're lazy. You can collect some hints about the place the legendary Shield of Velora rests, and learn about Milly's past life in Felonia.
  • When you go into the church, an old man is giving a prayer of confession of his sin. Follow him to the house at the northeast of town. They are in a conversation about a girl the old man had once sold as a dancer.
  • Go north to visit the castle. King Benedict doesn't provide you with any information, so you don't have to talk to him at all. However, a soldier on the first floor and a scholar on the second floor tells hints as to where the legendary shield of Velora rests. Be sure to talk to both of them.
  • Visit the Dream World. At the southeast of the World Map, there is a cave with graves and a soldier. The soldier tells you hints to reach the legendary Shield of Velora. It goes like this, "First north. At the end, east. North at the first four-way intersection, then south at the four-way intersection to the west."