Murdaw's Keep (Dream World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Murdaw's Keep in the Dream World.


On Your First Visit

  • First, head for the central room of the dungeon. In this room, you have to light up the floor below so that you can see the path. To light up the floor below completely, you have to step on five yellow panels.
  • At first, step onto four of them to which you have immediate access. Then go down the stairs and leave this room by the left exit.
  • If you've stepped on four of the panels, the path surrounding the dark chasm of the room will be lightened and visible. Walk across the path for the southeast side of the room.
    Then you have to walk on a little bit of invisible path. There seems to be nothing but darkness at the central part of the room. But in fact, you can walk across the invisible path. Step on the invisible path, walk north just a little bit, then west a bit. You'll reach a visible ledge with a staircase.
    Go upstairs and you'll have access to the last yellow panel. After this, the rest of the path that was yet invisible will be illuminated, enabling you to walk across it toward north.
  • Return to the floor below. Now that the last panel has been activated, the path is no longer invisible. Go north on the path to take the next stairs.
  • At the end of Murdaw's Keep, you have to defeat the boss Murdaw. After your battle, you will witness some important event concerning Dread Fiend Murdaw, Apnea and Ra's mirror.
  • Head back for Somnia in the Dream World.