Force Gem Quest - Vessel for Snow Sanctuary

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Force Gem Quest, Vessel for Snow Sanctuary.


Quest Data

What Is Required a vessel
Location Papuchia Village - Snow Sanctuary
Where New Tracks Appear Snow Realm


  • After beating Sand Temple, visit Snow Sanctuary again and talk to the Lokomo Sage Steem. He says he wants a vessel to decorate his sanctuary.
  • Visit Papuchia Village in Ocean Realm. Talk to the Wise One and tell her that you've been unlucky these days. The Wise One will offer you to buy her vessel for 50 rupees, so accept it and purchase the vessel.
  • Return to Snow Sanctuary and talk to Steem at the station. Steem will decorate the sage's room with the vessel and give you the Force Gem, enhancing tracks in Snow Realm.