Papuchia Village

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Papuchia Village in Ocean Realm.


On Your First Visit

  • Visit Papuchia Village after you found the Lokomo Sage Carben's sign at Ocean Sanctuary.
  • Find Carben, the Lokomo Sage, floating in the air with birds.
  • A fortuneteller called the Wise One lives in a house at the center of the village. You can have the Wise One tell how to call Carben down to the ground. You must answer her three questions with clear voice into the mic.
  • Go to the place the Wise one mentioned, then play the Discover Song with your Spirit Flute. A statue with a hole will appear, so follow the tones it emits with the Spirit Flute. You'll learn the Bird's Song.
  • Play the Bird's Song with your Spirit Flute near the flock of birds. The Locomo Sage Carben will come down to the ground.
  • Talk to Carben and he'll be waiting in the passanger's car of your train. Get on your train and head for Ocean Sanctuary with Carben.
  • As you travel for Ocean Sanctuary, a pack of pirates will appear. They will invade the passanger's car in search of Carben. Protect Carben from monsters.
    When you kill a certain number of them, the Mini-Boss will appear in the passanger's car. Beat him with your sword. Note that after the Mini-Boss readies himself, he will launch a roundhouse attack with his hammer. Step back away from the Mini-Boss when he is getting ready, then hit the Mini-Boss again after he launched his attack. If you are hit by the Mini-Boss' club, you'll pass out for a while, so be sure to elude these attacks.
  • After you defeat the Mini-Boss, talk to Carben. You'll head for Ocean Sanctuary.