Ocean Sanctuary

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Ocean Sanctuary in Ocean Realm.

On Your First Visit

  • Go into the cave and leave by the north exit.
  • You must draw a particular symbol to open the red door. There are many statues around the place. The directions of the statues' gaze indicate what the symbol is like. If you draw the correct symbol on the red door, the path will open.
  • Find the sign the Lokomo Sage Carben left.
  • Leave Ocean Sanctuary and head west to visit Papuchia Village.

After Bringing Carben to Ocean Sanctuary

  • Talk to Carben in the chamber of Sage. Play a song with him to enhance the tracks in Ocean Realm, so that you can reach Ocean Temple.
    You'll receive a letter from Carben. It contains a note from Carben, which shows how to get to the Ocean Floor.
  • Now it's time to head for Ocean Temple. Follow the numbers on the railmap in the letter Carben gave you. Each numbered spot has a statue with a red orb on it. The red orb reacts to big noises. Blow the whistle when you get close to one of the statues, and the red orb will be activated, turning its color into blue. Activate the three statues one by one in this way, but be sure you follow the correct order.
  • After activating the third statue, the entrance to the Ocean Floor will emerge from the water surface. Go into the entrance to reach the ocean floor.
  • On the ocean floor, head for Ocean Temple.