Force Gem Quest - Rael Studies Cucco

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Force Gem Quest, Rael Studies Cucco.


Quest Data

Who Is Concerned Rael, the Lokomo Sage
Location Castle Town - Sand Sanctuary
Where New Tracks Appear northeastern edge of Fire Realm, leading to Ends of the World


  • After beating Sand Temple, visit Sand Sanctuary again. Talk to the Lokomo Sage Rael standing at the station. She wants to study Cuccos and needs at least five of them.
  • Purchase five Cuccos at the Cucco Shop in Castle Town. Bring them to Sand Sanctuary to receive the Force Gem from Rael. This Force Gem will enhance tracks in the northeast of Fire Realm, providing access to Ends of the World station.
  • After delivering five Cuccos to Sand Sanctuary, you can deliver more Cuccos to receive something nice from Rael.