Team Galactic HQ

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Climb to Top Floor!

  • You barge into Team Galactic HQ from Galactic Warehouse after Looker opens the entrance to the underpass. You must use the teleporting panels and stairs to proceed further into the building.
  • First you must obtain the Galactic Key. The Galactic key is near the Galactic Grunt who mutters about having dropped his key somewhere. With this key you can open locked doors inside Team Galactic HQ.
  • When you get the Galactic Key, get out of the building from the warehouse. Then head to the building in the northeastern corner of Veilstone City. Enter Team Galactic HQ through the main entrance. This time you can open the locked door using the Galactic Key.
  • Press on while battling with Galactic Grunts until you find Looker at the auditorium. Listen to Cyrus as he makes a speech in front of Team Galactic Grunts.
  • After Cyrus and Looker leave, explore the HQ picking up items and fighting off Galactic grunts until you reach Cyrus' room. Defeat Cyrus and proceed to the next room by the warp panel.
  • Go to the last room in which Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit are captured. Defeat Commander Saturn and push the red button to free the three legendary Pokemon.
  • You have nothing to do here after releasing the legendary Pokemon. Fly to Oreburgh City, then head to Mt. Coronet via Route 207.

Wild Pokemon List

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Trainer Class Note
Galactic Grunts Uses evil-looking Pokemon

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