Route 211

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You Can't Proceed Yet!

  • You can come to Route 211 immediately after you reach Eterna City. Leave the city by the east exit to appear in Route 211.
  • Route 211 is linked with Mt. Coronet by the east exit. You can actually go into Mt. Coronet, but can't proceed further into the cave because large boulders block the path. You can't get away with these boulders until you get HM04 Strength.

You Need HM04 Strength!

  • After chasing away Team Galactic from Celestic Town, it seemingly looks like you should head west on Route 211. In fact, you can only reach Mt. Coronet this way. You can't explore much of Mt. Coronet, because large boulders block the paths.
  • Come back when you get HM04 Strength, the move that can move the large boulders.
  • Receive TM Psych Up from the Ace Trainer standing near the north cliff.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Bidoof Walk in tall grass
Bronzor Walk in tall grass
Chingling Walk in tall grass
Graveler Walk in tall grass
Machoke Walk in tall grass
Machop Walk in tall grass
Meditite Walk in tall grass

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Bird Keeper Uses bird Pokemon
Black Belt Uses Fighting-type Pokemon
Hiker Uses mainly Rock-type Pokemon
Ninja Boy Hides in the ground. Appears when you examine bulging ground
Ruin Maniac Uses Pokemon from ancient times

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