Floccesy Town

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Head to Route 20!

  • Head north from the old clock tower to meet Alder. Talk with Alder.
  • Receive the Potion from the old guy living in a house in the southeastern corner of the town.
  • Go east to proceed to Route 20.

Visit Alder!

  • After you find lost Herdier at Floccesy Ranch, return to Floccesy Town to meet Alder. Follow Alder into his house.
  • Have Pokemon Battles with two School Kids. They use either of the following Pokemon: Pansage, Pansear, or Panpour. The first School Kid uses the Pokemon which is weak against your Pokemon, and the second School Kids sents out the one that has the type strong against your Pokemon.
  • Leave Alder's house to meet Mr. Medal. Receive six Hint Medals from Mr. Medal, then follow Mr. Medal to the Pokemon Center. Talk to Mr. Medal, who is standing next to the reception counter whenever he has some new Medals to give away, to receive more Medals and Hint Medals.
  • Go west from the Pokemon Center to appear in Route 19.

Upgrade Your Pokedex!

  • After beating the Aspertia Gym, you pass through Floccesy Town on your journey to Virbank City.
  • Bianca catches up with you when you reach near the entrance to Route 20. Bianca upgrades your Pokedex so that you can now check Wild Pokemon habitat.
  • Go east to appear in Route 20 again.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet

Trainers List

Trainer Note
School Kid Sometimes uses a Battle Item at the beginning of the battle

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