Route 19

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Head to Floccesy Town!

  • When you first enter the gate between Aspertia City and Route 19, you receive the Potion from the gatekeeper if you have Pokemon with you.
  • Make your way to the east until you meet Alder. Alder jumps off a cliff, then leaves for Floccesy Town. Follow Alder to Floccesy Town.

Return to Aspertia City

  • After visiting Alder's house, go back to Aspertia City via Route 19. You meet Alder on the way again, this time to receive the Oran Berry.
  • Return to Aspertia City to challenge Aspertia Gym.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Patrat Walk in tall grass
Purrloin Walk in tall grass

[Route 19 / Unova Region]