Aspertia Gym

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Go to School Grounds!

  • Enter the Aspertia Gym to find yourself in the classroom. Examine the blackboard if you need to learn about Status Ailments.
  • Speak to the School Kid in the classroom to receive the X-Defend.
  • Go out of the classroom by the exit at the back of the room to appear in the school grounds.

Defeat Gym Leader Cheren!

  • First you receive the Fresh Water from the guide.
  • You need to defeat the other two trainers before challenging the Gym Leader. Battle with a Youngster and a Lass in the ground.
  • Speak to the Gym Leader Cheren and defeat him. Cheren uses Patrat and Lillipup. Lillipup uses Work Up, which raises its Attack and Sp. Attack stat at the same time.
  • Receive the Basic Badge and TM Work Up after the battle.

Used Pokemon List

Pokemon Trainers who use the Pokemon
Lillipup Lass, Youngster, Cheren
Patrat Lass, Youngster, Cheren

Trainers List

Trainer Note
Lass Female counterpart of Youngster. Uses weak Pokemon
Youngster Male counterpart of Lass. Uses weak Pokemon

[Aspertia Gym / Unova Region]