Chapter6 Fire Emblem

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
Aurelis Emereus


Characters you can recruite in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruite
Rickard Thief At first Rickard stays in the east chamber. Open the door of the chamber either by Julian (the Thief you recruited in Chapter3) or the Door Key you got in Chapter5. When you open the door, talk to Rickard by Marth

Walkthrough & Tips

  • You start from the southeast of the area. Head to the throne while defeating Macedons.
  • There are several Thieves in Macedonian forces. They pick up the contents of treasure chests. The contents are precious items, so try to reach treasure chests by a Thief in your troop and collect the contents before Macedonian Thieves get hold of them. Even if Macedonian Thieves lay their hands on treasures before you can reach the chests, you still can obtain the contents by defeating those Theives who hold the treasures.
  • Defeat the Boss and step on the yellow panel by Marth. Select seize to proceed to Chapter7 Lefcandith Valley.