Chapter3 A Brush in the Teeth

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
Ghoul's Teeth Hyman


Characters you can recruite in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruite
Lena Cleric Joins at the beginning of Chapter3
Julian Thief Joins at the beginning of Chapter3
Navarre Myrmidon Talk to Navarre by Caeda

Walkthrough & Tips

  • You begin your journey from the southeast of Ghoul's Teeth. Divide your troop into two groups. One group goes north to retaliate when Soothsires come down from north. The other group proceeds to the west a bit and just wait there until enemy forces from the west arrive. Don't go too far from where you were at first, and try to lure enemies into your forces' range step by step.
  • After defeating all the enemies that voluntarily rush toward you, go defeat the rest of enemy forces. While sending some units to defeat the Hunter at the northeast, the rest of your troop should go west to fight remaining Soothsires.
  • When it's only the Boss that's left, it's time to defeat Hyman. Try to defeat him within a turn to avoid letting him attack back in Enemy Phase.
  • Step on the yellow panel to proceed to Chapter4 Battle in the Lea.