Chapter4 Battle in the Lea

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
Aurelian Lea Bentheon


Characters you can recruite in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruite
Matthis Cavalier Talk to Matthis by Lena
Merric Mage Visit the southwest village by Marth

Walkthrough & Tips

  • The boss, Bentheon is waiting at the northwest corner of the area. Head for northwest while defeating Macedons.
  • There is an arena to the east of where Bentheon is. You can visit an arena by any unit. When a unit takes up a fight in the arena, you get some money for wager if it wins, but the unit dies if it loses. The opponent gets tougher every time you defeat one of them.
  • Defeat Bentheon and step on the yellow space by Marth. Select seize to proceed to Chapter5 Champions of Aurelis.