Chapter7 Lefcandith Valley

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
Lefcandith Gauntlet Harmein


Characters you can recruite in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruite
Bantu Manakete Visit the east village by Marth. You need a Thief or a Door Key to reach the village.

Walkthrough & Tips

  • Wait until some soldiers come up to the north, then defeat them. When Minerva and other three Peg knights come to the northern area, they just disappear after several turns. So don't bother fighting them.
  • Open the northeast door by a Thief or a unit holding a Door Key. Then defeat two enemy soldiers and have Marth head south through the open door. When Marth visits the east village, you can recruite Bantu, a male Manakete who is looking for Tiki. Bantu has nothing with him, so have him use convoy and retrieve a Firestone if you have one.
  • Go south via a path between the west edge and central peaks. Note that there are four forts in the southern vicinity. When you enter the southern area, the forts produce reinforcements in every first turn and second turn, except for the third turn. To eradicate reinforcements, first step on all the four fort spaces by units in your troop, then eliminate the remaining forces.
  • Defeat the Boss, Harmein. He is a General who wields a Silver Axe. He's pretty tough and durable, so make use of your Sages or Mages, or try piercing him with Marth's Rapier.
  • Seize and proceed to Chapter8 Port Warren.